I work in multiple art mediums: encaustics, photography, printmaking and mixed media.*

I have always loved exploring the world looking for textures and shapes.  With my artwork I try to incorporate those natural textures and shapes into my artwork, enhancing them and increasing their luminosity and color.

"Still Sitting I"

mixed media encaustic on wood – 44"x30"x2" – $1200.

"Beneath the Glow"

mixed media encaustic on wood – 30"x23" - $800.

"My Password"

Mixed media encaustic

12"x12" - $300.

"This must be living in the city," thought the little house.

mixed media encaustic on wood – 36"x20" (Sold)

"Just One Week"

mixed media encaustic on wooden slats – 38"x24" - $2000.

"Solitude I"

encaustic on wood – 20"x16"  - $400

"Solitude II"

encaustic on wood – 20"x16" - $400

"The Grove at Dusk"

photo-encaustic on wood

20"x16" - $500.

"Abandoned View"

Mixed media encaustic on wood

20"x16" - $500.

"Prussian Red"

Mixed media encaustic on wood – 12"x12" - $300.

"In Silence"

Mixed media encaustic on wood – 22"x30" - $900.


Mixed media can include: bees wax, damar (tree sap), dry pigments, water colors, oil paints, india ink, charcoal, chalk, shellac, spray paint, powdered graphite, tissue paper, transfers, etc.

Photo-encaustic means the base image of the piece is a printed photograph on archival paper (watercolor, printmaking, etc.) using archival inks.  I then use mixed media to finish the piece.

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